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Early Settlement Mediation - Central Program

Funded by the Administrative Office of the Courts - In Partnership with the Cleveland County Commissioners

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Policy Changes Nov. 2011



Effective November 11, 2011


Please Be Aware:  Due to the expanding volume of cases the following policies

   will be implemented effective immediately.


1.      Incomplete Intake Forms will be returned to the individual or office submitting the form. Scheduling will only begin when the completed form is resubmitted.  Information MUST be legible.  We will no longer call attorneys and/or parties to obtain case information. 


2.       Attorneys planning to attend mediation must coordinate dates with opposing counsel.  Provide a minimum of three possible dates when submitting the Intake Form.  Dates selected should be approximately four to six weeks from the current date.  If proposed dates are unavailable by our mediators, Early Settlement will contact attorneys for additional dates. 


3.      If your client cannot attend mediation on specific days of the week provide this information when submitting the Intake Form. We will attempt to work scheduling around schedules whenever possible.  Week-ends and nights are unavailable.


4.      Scheduled mediations will ONLY be cancelled for emergencies.  Early Settlement will not reschedule cases where cancellation notice was not given 72 hours prior to mediation unless caused by serious illness or death in the immediate family.  Cases will not be scheduled more than two times unless Early Settlement is responsible for a cancellation. 


5.      Please submit cases when ready for scheduling mediation. Cases taking more than forty-five days       to become scheduled due to unresponsiveness or other delays will be considered closed.                            Scheduling will only be possible upon resubmission of a new Intake Form.