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Early Settlement Mediation - Central Program

Funded by the Administrative Office of the Courts - In Partnership with the Cleveland County Commissioners

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Volunteer Questions and Answers

A: The first step in becoming a volunteer mediator is to complete the application form (see Forms page on this site for an application.)  Upon acceptance into the program the prospective volunteer must complete a twenty hour basic training through Early Settlement.  Following completion of basic training the volunteer will continue under supervision with the program director until certification is complete.  The length of this supervision is dependent on the skill level of the trainee.

Q:  What is the cost of training?

A: There is no cost for training as a volunteer mediator through Early Settlement.  The volunteer is expected to make a commitment of completing twenty clock hours to the program within two years.

Q:  When and where are the trainings held? 

A: The program director determines where and when trainings are held each year.  Trainings are held in counties where there is a demand for additional mediators.  Volunteers will have the option of attending trainings in other program areas around the state at the discretion of the Program Director.
Trainings are generally two or three days long.  While all materials are provided for the trainee, each person must cover the cost of their own transportation, meals, and lodging if they choose to stay overnight.

Q: How long is my commitment to the Early Settlement Program?

A: Volunteers commit to giving twenty hours within two years to the program in exchange for the training.  Many volunteers have mediated with the program for many years.

A: While previous training in mediation can be very helpful, people who are interested in volunteer mediating through Early Settlement must complete Basic Training through Early Settlement.  Since there are various forms of mediation this is necessary to produce consistency and quality throughout the program.

A:Volunteers who operate under the Dispute Resolution Act and act in a manner consistent with program guidelines are protected.  Certification and protection does not apply if a person is not mediating the mediation through the Early Settlement Program.

Other Questions?   Contact the Early Settlement office  for more information.