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Early Settlement Mediation - Central Program

Funded by the Administrative Office of the Courts - In Partnership with the Cleveland County Commissioners

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                     Early Settlement - Central Program                                     
Allowing Individuals to Voluntarily Resolve Disputes in a Confidential 
Out-of-Court Procedure

Serving Cleveland and Oklahoma Counties

The Mediation Process Helps

All Involved:

  • Get past frustration, guilt or "desire to punish"
  • Clarify their underlying values and goals
  • Become aware of the other parties views, values, and goals
  • Cooperatively build a lasting voluntary "win-win" solution
  • Create an atmosphere of ongoing cooperation and efficiency

               Important Points about
                   the Legal System 

There are always risks associated with a judge making a decision for litigants. The judge will determine what is presented in court. Litigants have limitations on both what is presented and the time allowed to present the case. In the end they can only hope to convince the judge to rule in their favor. They must live with the judge's decision based on the Judge's perception and willingness to accept the evidence.


Being awarded a judgment by the court doesn't necessarily mean that the party will collect on the judgment. Continuances, collection processes, and process service typically adds considerable additional costs and time to collection. There are no guarantees in court, and there are no refunds.


Judgments are often rendered for less than the amount sued for. The judge has total discretion of the award, who wins, and who pays court costs, attorney fees, etc.

 Early Settlement Mediators 
Early Settlement's Mediators are community volunteers who have been carefully selected and have completed specialized training in mediation.  After completing training and ongoing supervision mediators are certified by the Administrative Director of the Courts.
Interested in becoming a volunteer? Take a look at our Volunteering Q and A's for more information, or complete the Volunteer Application.

     Scheduling Your  Mediation 
Referrals for mediation come from many sources: judges, attorneys, district attorneys, businesses, and Oklahoma citizens,
The first step in scheduling a mediation is the completion of an Intake Form.
Upon receiving the Intake Form, Early Settlement will confirm the willingness of both parties to participate in mediation.  After confirmation a mediator will be assigned to the case.  
Each mediation takes place in the county where the case was filed, if it has been filed with the court. Parties may request an alternate location as long as it is within the Early Settlement - Central Program area.  The date, place, and time of day will be selected for the mediation and paperwork will be sent.
If individuals desiring mediation have attorneys, Early Settlement will work directly with the attorneys to coordinate the mediation.  Paperwork will come to the participants through their attorney's office.