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Preparing for Mediation

Adequate preparation for mediation will assist in creating a more productive mediation environment.  Although it is helpful to come to the mediation with proposed solutions it is also necessary to have a willingness to listen to alternative suggestions.  The mediator will assist participants in developing their own win-win solutions. 

Several preparation guides are provided on this website including:  

Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Mediation:  To help familiarize parties with the facilitative style mediation used by Early Settlement.

Family and Divorce Mediation Preparation Guide:  Assists participants with preparation for family and  divorce cases

Preparation Guide for Small Claims, Civil, and Real Estate Cases: Prepares participants for the types of cases listed within the title

Preparing for Mediation with Early Settlement - A Brief Guide for Attorneys:  Information for preparing clients to mediate specifically with Early Settlement

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