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Completing an Externship with Early Settlement Mediation

The Early Settlement Central Program, in partnership with the University of Oklahoma College of Law, provides law school students with the opportunity to complete an externship with the Early Settlement's Central Program. 


Students are able to recieve valuable experience as they work in the field of mediation.  Those externing with Early Settlement begin by completing mediation training.  The extern will receive certification to serve as a mediator through the Supreme Court of Oklahoma.  The extern may choose to become trained in basic mediation, or may elect to complete family and divorce training as well.

By completing mediation training and externing with Early Settlement the student will:

  • Gain exposure to courtroom decorum,

  • Have the opportunity to become familiar with a number of local attorneys and judges,

  • Gain certification and experience as a mediator,

  • Have the opportunity to see attorneys in action as they work with their clients in the mediation setting,

  • Gain skills to defuse other's strong emotions, improve their listening skills, and become more familiar with the practical application of the law.        

How do I become an Extern with Early Settlement? 

OU College of Law students who are interested in completing an externship with Early Settlement will need to contact the University of Oklahoma College of Law - Externship Program.


Students will also need to complete an application with Early Settlement.  Completed applications should be returned to Kathy King, Central Program Director, at

To complete the extern application, use the link below.      

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