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Mediators' Corner 

Mediators' Corner is a place for Early Settlement Mediators to keep up with events, continue learning, and share their thoughts about mediation.
Mediation Related Websites
Upcoming Events and Trainings

Websites can provide thought provoking articles to mediators that can be used to grow in skills and knowledge. 

The websites listed below are not connected with Early Settlement Mediation, nor do they necessarily adhere to the facilitative method used by Early Settlement Mediators.

Mediators should determine for themselves if the information provided should be used when conducting mediations according to the Dispute Resolution Act.

Mediation Related Websites: - Tammy Lenski shares a blog with thought provoking articles like: "Spark a shift in perspective with this question" and "Join the Resistance." - sends out weekly articles from leading mediators throughout the US and beyond.

What websites have you found to increase your knowledge and skills as a mediator?  Feel free to use the comment section below to share other websites you use for growth as a mediator!

Check back for information regarding area mediation trainings and mediator events!

Mediation Questions/Comments

Early Settlement Mediators may use this area to discuss any topic they wish.  Remember to maintain confidentially while asking your question, or commenting!

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