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Mediation Preparation Guide for Family and Divorce Cases

The following list includes a list of issues commonly discussed in family and divorce

mediation.  Not all of the issues listed below are applicable to all cases.  Bringing

information related to issues that will be discussed in mediation will increase the productivity

of your mediation session.



Property (Real Estate):  Include your assessment of property value, purchase price, and the amount currently owed.  Have some ideas regarding

options for the home moving forward.

Personal Property (Vehicles, household belongings, etc.): If possible bring list of possessions, some ideas about which items you want and do

not wish to keep, and thoughts on values of the items.

Debts:  Have a list of all debtors.  Include approximate amount owed on each debt both current, and the amount owed at the point of filing for the



Accounts: Bring values of life insurance policies, retirement accounts, bank accounts, and investment accounts.


Alimony/Spousal Support:  If asking for alimony or spousal support be able to discuss your financial needs.


Decision Making for Minor Children (Custody):  Discussion will include how important decisions such as health, educational, and religious decisions

for the child/children will be made.


Parenting Plan (Visitation):  Come with ideas for schedules for each parent to care for the child/children.  Consider possible separate schedules for

holidays and summer breaks.


Child Support:  Since child support is generally based on factors like income of both parents, cost of insurance for the child, childcare costs, as well as

number of days the child is in each parents' home, come prepared to discuss these issues.


Other Child Related Issues:  Information pertaining to who will be providing insurance for child, how payment of the child’s uncovered medical/dental

will be handled, which parent will claim child on taxes, and how to pay for school and other activities.

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