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Scheduling a Mediation



Attorney office personnel will schedule mediation through the Scheduling Calendar tab on this website.  An Intake form will no longer be



When attorneys have been retained, we schedule through the attorney's office.  For more complete information on scheduling a mediation, select the Scheduling Calendar page.     



Contact information for both parties is necessary for scheduling to be completed.  We will not be able to schedule a case without either a phone

number or address.  Unless ordered by a judge, mediation is a voluntary process.  If one party does not wish to mediate we cannot schedule the



After receiving a completed Intake form, the Early Settlement office will confirm with both parties a willingness to negotiate in good faith to resolve the dispute.  A "willingness to negotiate in good faith effort" means that each party is willing to discuss and genuinely consider alternative solutions.  At this point a mediator will be assigned to the case.


Each mediation takes place in the county where the case was filed, if filed with the court. If the case has not been filed with the court, a location as close as possible to the parties will be selected for the mediation.  Parties may request an alternate location as long as it is within the Early

Settlement - Central Program area. 


Both the initiating party and the responding party must pay a five dollar fee for mediation if the case has not been filed with the court.  A fee waive may be available upon request.  There is no fee for cases filed with the court.


Once the mediation date, place, and time of day is selected for the mediation the paperwork will be sent to all parties.


For Cases with Attorneys

For Cases WITHOUT Attorneys

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